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Mission and Vision


We design and produce fine handmade designer jewelery inspired by nature. Which do get to exclusive design lovers.


Be the best alternative in the domestic supply of designer jewelery for lovers of good design in the world. Featuring exclusive pieces of handmade art inspired by nature.


  • Ethics
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Creativity



The design accompanied her from childhood, his first customers were the barbies, her grandmother neglected as a veil, with her ​​head covering in the church, she applied scissors and made ​​him clothes, and made ​​them necklaces. Already at school how much gem was put up by him. She never learned sewing, but she designed the costumes and charge a seamstress so she created dresses.

When he finished school was very clear that he wanted to study fashion design, but at that time there were no universities that would impart that race, so his career path took other paths. He first studied tourism career that allowed him to travel in and out of Costa Rica, learn about other cultures, other countries, other continents and appreciate the nature of the country, is now the inspiration for her jewelry.

Later, with the birth of her 2 children, she decided to study marketing and this allowed him to be near them when small, this profession and still loves the exercises. But I was distracted from his passion as a child and teenager and was being forgotten in the busy life, family, work and commitments.

But his true passion was a constant inner calling and so in 2010 he began his studies in jewelry, first with a professor of Spanish origin who appreciates your requirement, then placement will be moved to another school of goldsmiths, however, has been due to open many doors in your path you have learned various techniques, has also received personal tutorials and so has had the pleasant experience of being influenced 7 excellent professionals, but its design has always had its own seal and is the great gift he has received to create inspired by nature without needing to see or copy other designs. His work is inspired by Costa Rica, Manzanillo has a collection called in honor of a beautiful beach located in the Caribbean, another call Guayabo, in honor of National Monument and Archaeological Monteverde.

In 2012 he won the competition for emerging designers competing proposals from around the world. As it was selected as one of three finalists along with a designer from California and Saudi Arabia. In August, the jury chose as the winner and was credited as the official designer jewelry Las Vegas Fashion Week 2013.

May I dream, live, believe and thank every day.